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Feel Powerful, Worthy, & Happy ~even after Trauma


Women's Happiness Expert, Elizabeth Menzel, serves as an author, speaker, mentor, and founder of The Happy Woman Academy. She uses proven systems based in neurobiology and mindfulness to teach women how to overcome the long term effects of trauma and sexism.


1-1 Healing: "Everything seemed too tough to deal with and I couldn't move forward. My issues around romance and career were making me act unkind and I felt overwhelmed. In The Happy Woman Academy the instant yet strong bond between the women is really special. After my first workshop I had a big break-through regarding trust and it has allowed me to feel more complete and be more patient, open, and honest in my relationships. My sister recommended I work with Elizabeth and I feel so great in her presence that I’ve continued to work with her privately. I feel like a new woman. Elizabeth is awesome! A.M. CEO, FL 

Group Programs: "I used to be very private & closed about my feelings prior to The Happy Woman Academy. Afterwards I'm able to connect openly and honestly with friends and family. This took about 3-6 months of participating in a training program. I'm also able to identify issues with a broader perspective now and I communicate more effectively without getting triggered. I keep advancing in my career too! I think the programs are so effective because of Elizabeth's calm but direct step by step approach and a great group of supportive women. So my advice is JUST DO IT! Go to a workshop and engage in the programs. The Happy Woman Academy Rocks!" C.C. Writer, CA

Neuromuscular Therapy: "After many years of back pain, I'm finding a lot of relief from our muscle therapy sessions. Now whenever I start to feel pain, I'll check out how I'm standing, do a couple of the Z-health moves Elizabeth taught me, and I'll readjust. It is so nice to NOT feel pain 24/7. My body loves Elizabeth!" K.D. Musican, Ohio "My neck and shoulders used to be stiff all of the time. I hurt for so many years that I just thought I was stuck in pain forever. Since working with Elizabeth, I feel good most of the time. That chronic tension is gone - it's like living in a different body! I'm so grateful to Elizabeth for never hurting me like other massage therapists have. Her hands are magic!" R.S. Educator, CA 


Let's get you feeling better fast.

Private 1-1 Healing Mentorship & Training

Overcome the long term physical and emotional effects of trauma and sexism and feel more worthy, powerful, relaxed, and happy than you thought possible. My neurobilogically based healing systems always work and you'll be treated with dedicated care, skill, and respect. 

Distance is no issue, we can connect virtually for our sessions. 

If you feel ready to leave the drama, pain, and trauma behind, then let's talk to see if a private healing program is right for you.

Group Training Programs

Enjoy uniting with like minded, compassionate women as you release pain and gain power & self-esteem together. Train your brain happy in our virtual group programs that last from 3 to 12 months. Click here for details about our training programs. Then apply for a free consultation to see if they fit your needs.

Live Healing Events

Come to our Powerful 1-3 day emersive healing events to uplevel your healing process quickly in a safe environment. Gain clarity as you learn how to train your brain and embody the energy frequencies you need to manifest what you want. Click here to stay informed of our healing gatherings & classes.

Non-Linear Movement Method® Classes

Trauma can get stuck in the soft tissue of your body creating chronic physical and emotional pain. In our bi-monthly LIVE & VIRTUAL classes you'll learn the somatic method my clients and I use to safely and quickly release pent up tension, fibromyalgia, and both physical and emotional pain. Click here for details. 

Free classes for veterans, police, & firefighters. 

I also volunteer teach at women's shelters and schools. Contact me to customize a class.

Training Seminars

Want your whole team to be more productive & focussed? Let me come to your office and lead a seminar designed just for you.

Click here for details.

Live Speaking Engagements

Lively Interactive presentations to uplift, educate, and motivate for small groups of 6 to big stages of 6000. 20-90 minute experiential talks for adults and I offer a fun child friendly version too! 

Click here for talk 1 details.

Click here for talk 2 details.

Click here for talk 3 details. 

Healing PARTIES!

The annual Vision Board Party and Clothing Swap Party have been going strong for over a decade! Both of these healing parties are FREE, potluck, wine tasting, charity fundraisers with speed healing circles on the hour every hour. Be sure to get notified by joining The Happy Woman Academy here.

Physical Pain Relief

For 25 years I've helped people heal their tension, physical pain, and injuries by using neuromuscular therapy.  

Now I include Z-health; neurologically based movements that quickly reduce pain and increase strength and mobility. 

Careful to only use as much pressure as is therapeutically safe for your soft tissue, my "do no harm" approach has you feeling better faster, without residual soreness. 

Click here and schedule to discuss what you need and how I can help you heal in record time.




First, I listen.

We’ll start with an honest conversation so I can understand your unique needs and learn exactly what problems you face. 

Then, we go deeper

Together, we’ll talk about the major areas of your life and how they are and are not working for you. We'll discover your hidden patterns and get crystal clear on what needs to change so you can move forward.

Lastly, we plan.

By the time we end our consulation, you'll know the best next steps on your healing path! If we are a perfect match, you will have the opportunity to choose the Happy Woman Academy program that is the right fit for you. Even if we aren't a perfect match, you will still receive a healing plan complete with easy to follow action steps, as well as referrals to other healing professionals that will help you to succeed. My biggest concern is that you get the right support for you.


Hi! I’m Women's Happiness Expert, Elizabeth Menzel.

I serve as a healing mentor, speaker, best selling author, and total neuroscience geek who's fully dedicated to teaching women how to use their own neurobiology to overcome the long term effects of trauma. My personal and professional journey of healing has proven to me what it takes to go from feeling depressed, exhausted, tense, and worthless to happy, energized, and worthy. 

Over the past 25 years. I've helped hundreds of spiritual women from all over the world release their physical and emotional pain so they can reclaim their power, self-worth, and confidence - so I can help you too. You are absolutely in the right place!

- Certified Brennan Healing Science Practitioner - Certified Neuromuscular Therapist - Certified Z-health Practitioner (neurobiologically based pain relief) - Certified Non-Linear Movement Method® Teacher (a powerful somatic technique that safely removes trauma from the cells) - Certified Louise Hay Workshop Leader - Conscious Manifestation Embodiment Mentor - Feminine and Masculine Energy Awareness Mentor - Brain Training, Mindfulness, & Compassion Mentor



The Supercharge Your Vibe Workbook Series

Step by step these science based energetically sound workbooks will help you overcome the major barriers to receiving the Love, Health, and Money you want. As you fill in each page you will start to feel clearer, lighter, and more capable. Simple yet profoundly impactful, these workbooks set the foundation for my, "Release to Receive" live healing events & group trainings that I deliver around the world. 

The Happy Woman Academy Upcoming Events

Happy Woman Formula Virtual Group Training Program 

You'll learn exactly how to train your brain, mind, & body to get you out of the stress response, create happy hormones, plug back in to your power, and align with your highest good. 

No matter where you are starting from now, this step by step system will work for you.

Receive my guidance and energy healing for the first 3 months of this year long course while also getting support from the other dedicated women in this sacred circle. 3 more spots available before we begin! Go grab your spot now!

This training is now full. Click to speak w/ Elizabeth about upcoming trainings.

The Non-Linear Movement Method Class  

Saturday May 11, 2019 12-2pm Eastern time

The Non-Linear Movement Method® is the somatic technique my clients and I use to remove pain and trauma from our cells and mind. 

It's like a shower for your cells and really frees up your body and thoughts. You'll love how you feel!

You can join virtually or in person. 

Annual Clothing Swap Party!  

Saturday June 15, 2019 12-6pm Eastern time

Clean out your closets & bring it all over to my house for this FUN day of fashion and sisterhood! 

Plus, we have a pop-up-shop!

The entrance is FREE, as long as you bring clothes to swap and a treat to share. We have wine! Unswapped items donated to the Women's Shelter & Center.

The Happy Woman Sacred Healing Event

Friday-Sunday May 24-26, 2019 Tromsø, Norway

The Happy Woman Sacred Healing Event is your chance to let go of pain and EXPERIENCE yourself as centered, worthy, powerful, happy, and energized yet relaxed.  

Connect in safe and sacred space with other compassionate women who value their well-being. 

You will leave with the tools you need to feel centered & powerful, no matter what you've gone through in the past or what life throws at you in the future. 

Let's talk!

Your first consultation is free.